What are Electrical Connectors, Features and Types of Connectors

Electrical connectors are the electrical-mechanical devices that join electrical terminations together to create an electrical circuit. Most connectors have two main parts, the housing and the terminals. The housing is the structure or case that contains the terminals, ensuring stability and protecting the contacts from short-circuiting and other hazards. And the terminals are the pins in a connector that provides electrical conduction to make the connections secure.

Different connectors have different features and properties that make them more ideal for certain applications. For example, keyed connectors are designed to only connect when they are in the proper orientation, preventing accidental damage and insertion into the wrong socket. On the other hand, water resistant connectors and moisture/oil resistant connectors are protected from damage caused by mild moisture or dampness.

To make choose the right connector for your needs, make sure to consider the performance parameters and physical parameters. Performance parameters like the current, voltage, and operating temperature limit what kind of operating conditions the connector can be used in. And physical parameters like contact pitch, number of contacts, and material determine what connections it can be used for and so on.

Connectors can also be categorized by level, function, and termination. The connector level is the kind of connections can be made: chip-to-package, package-to-board, etc. The connector function is the method of connection: plug and socket, rack and panel, ring and spade, etc. And the connector termination is the basis of the method used to terminate or fasten the wire to the connector: insulation displacement, crimping, etc.

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