What Does a Blood Gas Analyzer Do

A blood gas analyzer is a device that may be used to determine the amount of arterial gases that are present within blood. While such devices are commonly used for numerous medical procedures, they can also be important for aviation for the means of identifying individuals at risk of developing in-flight hypoxemia. As hypoxemia can be very dangerous to the health of an individual, it is important that such risks are found to avoid dangerous operations or flight risks.

In order for an arterial blood gas test to be conducted with a blood gas analyzer, a respiratory therapist, doctor, nurse, phlebotomist, or paramedic will draw blood from the individual. Blood is most often taken from the radial artery, due to the fact that it is very accessible and can be compressed to mitigate bleeding. Nevertheless, other areas may be used depending on the situation, and the individual taking the blood will utilize an Allen’s test to determine the best location for the procedure.

Once blood has been drawn from the individual, the sample is contained within a plastic or glass syringe to efficiently store and protect it from contamination. To prevent the coagulation of blood, most syringes will contain a minor amount of heparin. To ensure that results are as accurate as possible, there should be no gas bubbles present within the sample. While maintaining a cold temperature for the sample, the blood can then be taken to a blood gas analyzer to be measured.

With the parts kit blood gas analyzer, the blood from the syringe is aspirated so that the pH and partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide can be measured. Additionally, bicarbonate concentrate is also calculated with the device. When analyzing the pH level of blood, the normal range sits at 7.35 to 7.45 pH. When the value falls below this range, it means that the individual is facing acidosis which is the increased acidity of blood. When the pH is higher, it implies alkalosis. Respiratory acidosis is the most common, and it can mean there is a larger amount of carbon dioxide within blood. Large amounts of carbon dioxide can be indicative of poor pulmonary ventilation, and it can affect one’s ability to properly breathe. In the case that one’s results show respiratory alkalosis, they may need to reduce the amount of breaths that they take or adjust a mechanical ventilator if used.

Beyond the presence of carbon dioxide in blood, the measurements garnered with the blood gas analyzer may be used to determine medical conditions such as kidney failure, heart failure, diabetes, hemorrhages, chemical poisonings, drug overdoses, or shock. As many of these conditions can make piloting or flying in an aircraft unsafe, it is important that individuals are well tested before committing to such professions for their own safety. When testing is needed, one may consult their doctor or a medical professional in order to conduct the safe and simple procedure.

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