Types of Clamps

A clamp is a fastening device used to hold or secure objects together and prevent movement or separation through the application of inward pressure. There are many different types of clamps available for different applications. Some are temporary, used to position components while fixing them together, while others are intended to be permanent. In this blog we will cover the main types of clamps and take a look at the unique characteristics of each one.

Bar Clamp

Bar clamps, also known as F clamps or sliding clamps, are clamps with an extremely wide opening that makes them ideal for large projects and woodworking. The handles are long to provide stability and traction for large projects. To use a bar clamp, you place the workpiece on the bar’s flat surface and then slide up to clamp the head shut to hold it tight. As bar clamps are necessary in many different projects, many types exist.

Bench Clamp

A bench clamp is used when working on a bench to keep the workpiece held in place on the bench. The bench itself serves as a jaw for the clamp, while the tool provides the sliding motion. Bench clamps are a great tool for furniture making, carpentry, and welding. They are highly versatile and usually inexpensive.

Bench Vise

While a bench clamp uses the bench as a jaw, the bench vise connects to the bench and includes a separate fixed jaw and sliding jaw. Bench vises are very versatile and can be used in applications such as sanding, drilling, sawing, and more. They can be screwed or clamped onto different workbenches, making them a portable option.

Cardellini Clamp

These clamps are ideal for use on tubing. Whether a tube is square, round, rectangular, etc., Cardellini clamps will be able to grip it. These clamps can also grip flat workpieces, equipment, or lights. A common problem with Cardellini clamps is that they can be tightened too much, making them susceptible to damage.

Drill Press Clamp

Drill press clamps are designed to hold materials to a drill press table. This allows you to use your machinery to create accurate and clean cuts. Many types of drill press clamps exist, but nearly all include a tension adjustment system and quick release, making them safe and easy to use.

Flooring Clamp

Flooring clamps, as their name suggests, are used when installing flooring. The clamp holds floorboards in place, allowing them to be securely nailed in. These clamps can often hold up to ten floorboards at once, but need to be used in conjunction with other flooring clamps to work properly.

G/C Clamp

G or C clamps are named for their shape similar to the letters G and C. The opening ranges from one to eight inches, making it ideal for a wide range of projects. Additionally, the swivel head allows the screw section to tightly clamp onto many different surfaces.

Gripe Clamp

Gripe clamps feature a simple design and are used to hold strakes in place as they are attached. As such, gripe clamps are commonly used for clinker boats. These are specialized clamps and are not always widely-available.

Hand Screw Clamp

Hand screw clamps are almost always used for metalwork, but can also be useful for repairing furniture. The jaws of hand screw clamps are easily adjusted to fit onto angled surfaces and hold them in place. These clamps are known for their durability, often being made entirely from steel.

Hose Clamp

While most clamps are designed for use with flat surfaces, hose clamps are designed for use on cylindrical surfaces. They supply enough pressure for cylinder pieces around the home or car. Hose clamps provide a more permanent solution than duct tape, but are not exceedingly expensive or strong.

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