Gearmotors and How to Determine the Right Fit

A gearmotor is a device that combines the features of an electric motor and gearbox together, allowing for high-torque, low-speed applications to benefit from their assembly. When space and power is limited, the gearmotor can be used to multiply output torque while remaining compact, increasing the efficiency of various systems. In this blog, we will discuss the various considerations that should be made when choosing between gearmotor devices, ensuring that your application can excel in operations with ease.

Before choosing a gearmotor assembly for a particular operation, one should first consider various factors that may affect performance. For general requirements, one should know the size of available space, what type of mounting may be needed, what loads will be present, and what lubrication is to be used. After such considerations have been made, one may then determine the voltage that will be supplied to the gearbox, as well as frequencies, maximum current, and control type. For the environment that the gearbox will be operating in, ambient temperatures and present conditions should not warrant any hazards to operations, and the gearbox must be provided ample protection.

After making various application considerations, one may then find which motor is best for their particular needs. In general, one may use a number of types, those of which include the universal, brushless gearmotor DC, AC induction, permanent magnet gearmotor, and other variations. As every gearmotor differs in its starting torque, horsepower, and other operational factors, the choice should come down to the particular application and its requirements. In some cases, one may find that procuring the gearmotor as separate components may be more beneficial.

To better guarantee that a particular gearmotor assembly is fit for a given application, the device should be of optimal size. Different sized assemblies may vary in their output speed and torque, and the choice between various options will often come down to matching such values with requirements. Once the required starting and running torque has been determined for a given application, one may then refer to manufacturer specifications, specifically focusing on the torque performance curve. If such properties are fitting, then the gearmotor can be checked for any design limitations before moving forward.

Whether one determines that they need a sprocket gearmotor, seal gearmotor, or another type, all gearmotors should be tested within a standard operating environment to guarantee proper functionality. With multiple tests conducted, one can see if any issues arise. These typically come in the form of exceedingly hot temperatures during operations, great amounts of noise, stressed appearances, and more. If any concerning condition is present, one should continue the motor selection process until the right fit is found. With a matching gearmotor, such equipment should last for years at a time and operate with high efficiency and reliability.

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